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Summer Breeze Flyer

[Summer Breeze Flyer.jpg]

Save the Date Flyer

Flyer done for a party. [Save the Date Flyer 1 copy copy.jpg]

Brighter Lites Flyer

Here is a flyer I made for a real company. [BrigtherLites.pdf]

Company Advertisement

This is a company advertisement I made for Logical Solution Services, Inc. [LSS Ad.pdf]

iPad Advertisement

This is an iPad Advertisement I did for fun. [iPAd Ad.pdf]

Twitter Brochure

This is one design of a twitter brochure i've done. [Twitter Brochure.pdf]

Annual Report 2011

This is a 7 page annual report design done for my class. [Download file "Diaz_Annual Report.pdf"]

Personal Logo Envelope Design

Here is my logo printed on an envelope. [Envelope.pdf]

Personal Logo Business Card

These are business cards that I hope to someday have professionally printed, made also using my own personal logo.[BD Business Cards.pdf]

Personal Logo Letterhead

Here is a letter head designing using my own personal logo. [BD Letterhead.pdf]

Personal Logo Design

My own personal logo design.[Logo.pdf]

Flower Business Card

This is a business card designed for the same flower company.[Flower Business Card.pdf]

Flower Company Letterhead

This is a simple letterhead design using the same flower logo. [Flower Letterhead.pdf]

Stylish Flower

Here is a flower I designed using Illustrator. [Stylish Flower.pdf]

Flower Logo

This is a flower logo made for the planting company. [Flower Logo.pdf]